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by Pry

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released March 19, 2010



all rights reserved


Pry Novi Sad, Serbia

Every person, event or situation you will encounter is purely fictional, but every resemblance to real life is everything but a coincidence.

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Track Name: Dance of the Wicked
Spineless moves – stainless beauty
Sharpened stare – pouring lust
Liquid dreams – crystal blade

Help me up, lift me higher,
Nurture the moves,
Watch your step.

Set me free, push me away,
Let destiny follow,
It has already happened.

Someone has to take the blame,
Look inside the mirror,
Watch it turn to glass.

Images becoming one,
Destiny has already happened.

That wicked game you play,
Your feelings grown on me,
Put yourself around it, you must
Embrace pleasure moments.

Our moves erasing each other,
Passion turned to disgust,
Woven vows, ashes remain...

Unholy podium,
Conquered by anguish,
Home of the wicked,
A soul is all they lacked...

That wicked game you play,
Your feelings grown on me,
Put yourself around it, you musn’t
Treasure pleasant moments.

That wicked game you play,
Sentenced, alignment redundant,
Choose the beaten path,
Makeshift feelings...
Track Name: Sweet
Two beings in one body,
One is always closed,
Show it to someone,
That will find it sweet.

Like a shell inside a shell,
Only one can hold it,
That sweet taste, turned inside out,
The fragments won’t fit.

Hiding behind vague fogs of ignorance,
Hide your head, slide through the mass.
Horrid whispers, keeping the hole open,
Images of the past staring...

Defy the mask, show yourself,
Someone will find you sweet.
Drips of honey fall deep inside,
Track Name: 8 Circles
Hated walls, between rare love,
Never fight two wars at once,
Hang your pain or hang yourself,
From true to false, to the dead man's cave.

You are the one, you can break me into pieces,
So tell me how can I leave these 8 circles,
I am the one I can break you into pieces,
I’ll show you how can you join these 8 circles.
I am the one, I am the one.

You are safe here with me,
Don’t be scared,
Please don’t leave.
Want to fly, without wings,
So get high,

Friend or foe, you decide,
Love or hate, never mind,
Make a wish, close your eyes,
Dream away, leave your lies.
Track Name: The Lifter
Wake up, from your other dream,
Sanity awaits,
Shifting, turning the other face,
Carelessness disagraced.

Soothing caress,
Of the wind that left you,
Inverts the image,
Of that was once you.

Blue ribbons in the air,
Hanging over curved scented waves.

Illuminating the texture,
Your shadow wept upon.

Soothing caress,
Of the image that was once you,
Invert yourself,
Once you saw them.

A fast thought cause,
Is all it takes,
Blind thumps,
Cover your face,
With surreal wisdom,
Burn the disgrace.
In my holy name.
Track Name: Lake of Fortitude pt.1
Thy face upon turbulent waters,
The salty foams cover me,

Pushing myself away,
The lust is overwhelming,
Blinded by the light,
Together, we shall unite.

My only wish is to swim,
To break through the mist,
The water so pure,
Let me be whole.

The scent of the sunrise so cold,
Rays waking up the hollow,
Clearing the mist that covers the land,
The land, the nearest i can get.
The land, holiest of places.

Shadows dancing on the surface,
Calling me inside,
Nine hundred shadows,
Standing knee deep in thy mud,
Struggling with thy pleasure,
The enchanted mist is gone,
The calm water calls...
Those dreadful calls

Sunlight burning my eyes,
I can barely see,
Standing before thee,
With closed eyes, an open soul